About Us

AC-Tek specializes in the design and optimization of conveyor belts for the mining industry. We provide our clients and partners with the latest in conveyor technology and engineering expertise. Our engineering team has an extensive repertoire including some of the world’s most complex overland conveyor designs.


AC-Tek Takes Conveyor Technology to the Limit

One of the world’s leading experts on the design of overland conveyors, David Kruse of Advanced Conveyor Technologies Inc (AC-Tek), was recently in South Africa to speak at the Beltcon 15 conference, held in Johannesburg in early September. Modern Mining managed to catch up with him at the offices of Sandvik Materials Handling (SMH) for an interview which focused on AC-Tek’s considerable contributions to overland conveyor technology…read more here


Please feel free to contact us at either of our main offices, or drop us an E-mail at info@actek.com.